Mustard Seed Faith

“If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.” 

- Luke 17:6

On a number of occasions while visiting Israel, we have been shown mustard seeds. The size of a mustard seed is extremely small when viewed in the palm of your hand. But like all seeds, when planted in the ground, it will begin to grow into a tree.  

There is life locked up in that mustard seed and when placed in the right environment it begins to grow. It is not the smallness of the seed that produces great results but it is the life that is locked up in the seed.

The Bible tells us that faith, without corresponding actions, is dead. Faith to be effective must be alive and active.

There are measures of faith, when you are born again you receive the nature of Christ within you and a measure of faith. We need to exercise this faith until it grows from ‘little faith’ to ‘great faith’.

When you read the great exploits of faith, as recorded in the Bible, you cannot but help notice that there was an instruction from God, which was believed, and then acted upon. Faith, that is alive, believes implicitly that you can have what you say.

God spoke and the universe came into existence. In demonstrating this living faith Jesus spoke to the raging storm saying, “Peace be still”, and there was a great calm. He spoke to the demon possessed and they were delivered. He spoke to the dead and they became alive again. He spoke to the sick and the infirm and they were healed. He spoke to a barren fig tree and it withered and died. 

Employ mustard seed faith today, by firmly believing in your heart, and saying with your mouth what you believe. You will have what you say! 

Dear heavenly Father, like Your love, let faith be shed abroad in my heart. Today, with Your help, I will demonstrate loving, active faith, in Jesus name.