Mission Impossible

“The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” 

-  Luke 18:27

 We know that there is nothing that is impossible to God. He can do anything He chooses to do. He is the creator and upholder of all things by and through His word.  His abilities and resources are unlimited.

Humanity, on the other hand, is limited in natural abilities and resources. Nevertheless, when we consider what can be achieved by man it is amazing.

People could never have believed that one day men would walk on the moon and that huge jet planes would fly thousands of people across the earth each day. The wheel was once considered the peak of all inventions and must still rank somewhere in the top list, but the greatest modern invention is the electronic chip.

This brilliant invention has enabled man to build mini computers and a host of electronic devices that were impossible 50 years ago. The advances in the electronics field have been breathtaking.

We have cell phones that are as powerful as a computer that used to fill a room a few decades ago.

 Finding a cure for cancer or AIDS is still impossible for medical science. But it is not impossible with God.   When Israel faced the Red sea they were in despair. But God made a way. When the disciples didn’t know what to do with five loaves and a couple of fish, Jesus multiplied them to feed a few thousand hungry people.

Man stands limited in certain situations and concludes that his predicament is impossible.

But no believer should ever conclude that about their situation, no matter how bad because we serve a God of the impossible.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for Your love, grace and faithfulness. I surrender myself, and my will to Your word. Help my unbelief and let my faith increase as I submit to the authority of Your word. I believe that nothing is impossible today, in Jesus name.