The Temptation of Wealth

But woe to you who are rich, for you have received your consolation.”– Luke 6:24

 Money is a necessity of life. Money is neutral and gets its character from the hands that use it. Greedy hands will keep grasping for more money. Tight-fisted hands will hoard more and more and give less and less. Open and generous hands will give and keep on giving.

 Being rich is a big responsibility because it opens doors to all kinds of materialism and temptations. Those who are blessed financially need to always check their attitude and standing before God.

 But being poor also has its temptations. The legitimate desire to get sufficient money to live can lead some to succumb to bribes or even stealing. To handle money the right way needs Godly wisdom.

 Frances Havergal was the youngest child of a Church of England minister. Though she was always in frail health, she led an active life, encouraging many people to turn to Jesus and others to seek a deeper spiritual walk.

 Frances had begun reading and memorising the Bible at the age of four. At seven she wrote her first poems. Several of her mature verses became hymns. In addition to "Take My Life," she wrote such favourites as "I Gave My Life for Thee," "Like a River Glorious," and "Who Is on the Lord's Side?"

 One of the lines of Frances Havergal's hymn says, "Take my silver and my gold; not a mite would I withhold." In 1878, four years after writing the hymn, Miss Havergal wrote a friend, “The Lord has shown me another little step, and, of course, I have taken it with extreme delight. ‘Take my silver and my gold' now means shipping off all my ornaments to the Church Missionary House, including a jewel cabinet that is really fit for a countess. Nearly 50 articles are being packed up. I don't think I ever packed a box with such pleasure."

 Dear Father God, help me to be a good steward of my finances. Help me to be liberal and to be ready to give to the church and to the poor. Bless me so that I may be a blessing to others.