The Fall of Satan

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” - Luke 10:18

 Satan was at one time a beautiful angelic being. He was one of the arch angels along with Michael and Gabriel who are mentioned in the scriptures. But Satan, known then as Lucifer fell from his lofty position of an arch angel. The reason for his fall was pride because he wished to exalt himself above God and the other angels.

 He said, “I will ascend above the clouds, I will ascend above the stars and sit on the side of the north.”  He rose in rebellion against God and wanted to take God’s place.  He ignited a rebellion among the angels and drew a third of them away in a revolt against God.  His is a fallen being who as Satan is called the “prince of the power of the air. “

 He was cast out of heaven and was on earth during a pre-Adamic period and ever since then he has opposed God.

 The background to today’s scripture comes after the disciples of Jesus returned from being sent by Him to heal the sick and cast out devils.  They were jubilant and excited about what happened and emphasised that demons were subject to them in His name.

Jesus response when he said He saw Satan fall was the heralding of the defeat the devil was about to suffer when Jesus died and rose from the dead.

 Today we share in that victory by casting out demons in His name. Ultimately Satan’s fall will be eternal when he is cast into the lake of fire.  Today, stand against every attack of the devil. Always remember that he is a defeated being and you are more than a conquers in Jesus name.

 Dear heavenly Father thank You for the defeat of Satan through the Lord Jesus, and thank You for giving me, me as a believer, authority over all the power of the devil, in Jesus name.