Great Harvest and Few Labourers

“The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest.” - Luke 10:2

 Countless thousands, in many nations of the world are waiting to hear the good news about the Lord Jesus.

It seems sometimes that a lot of effort, money and energy are put into church programmes and even Christian television which merely blesses the saints. I’m not saying that all these are bad. But we need to make sure of our priorities…are we reaching out to the lost?

Many in developed nations of the world, especially North America and Western Europe have the gospel preached to them on a daily basis while millions in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia and isolated islands hardly hear the gospel once.

There are people in every tribe and nation of the world and the heart’s desire of God is that they should all populate heaven.

God did not send angels to be the harvesters but has commissioned His faithful followers to go and reap the harvest.

This harvest, says Jesus, belongs to Him, but we have been given the privilege of “bringing in the sheaves”.

The harvest is ready for harvesting and so let us go into the fields ourselves and also pray that many labourers will be sent into the fields.

 Lord Jesus thank You for the privilege and opportunity to go into Your harvest fields and reap the harvest. I pray today send out the harvesters that multitudes may be brought into the kingdom of God for your glory!