Your Treasure

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” - Luke 12:34

What you set your affections on is your treasure. So the question is where is your heart located? Upon what is your love focused because that is where your treasure will be? You will spend or give money to that which captivates your heart. You are not likely to spend or give money to something that does not have your heart.

Materialism, as we have read earlier this week, can drag a person away from the things of God. The obsession with wealth and fame can easily distract people from committing and following Christ.

But sometimes that treasure is not necessarily money, although most often it is.

There are people who have other obsessions that become the treasure that wins their heart.

It may be sports or music or even business. A young man may show some talent for a particular sport and starts to train and practice everyday of his life. If it is golf they are out on the course hours and hours of everyday. The obsession to be the best consumes every waking hour.

Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve excellence in sport, but if Jesus is taking second place to your ambition then your heart is in the wrong place. There have been many Christian men and women who made it to the top in their chosen sports and have not betrayed their love for Christ. They kept Him as the centrepiece of their hearts.

There are some people who are known as workaholics. They are not always driven by money, but simply have an insatiable appetite to be best at their job and end up spending more time in the office than at home and even less time in church.

So take stock of your daily behaviour. Check the focus of your life and make sure that Jesus is the treasure and that it is His will that you choose to fulfil above any selfish desires of your heart.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for the challenge of Your word to me today. Help me to get my priorities in the right place and to focus my heart upon eternal values, in Jesus name.