Jesus Needs You

...the Lord has need of it.” – Luke 19:31

Our verse refers to the instructions given to the disciples by Jesus to fetch Him a donkey for His triumphal ride into Jerusalem.  The donkey never knew that one day he would bear on his back the Saviour of the world, a privilege which was never recognised by the beast.

But are we aware of the awesome privilege granted us to be able to serve the King of Kings? The Lord has need of each one of His children to serve Him in this lost world.

It doesn’t take years in Bible school to be able to work for the Lord. It is just your availability that is required. God is not looking for the rich or famous to proclaim the gospel, just ordinary people like you and me.

The famous missionary to China, Hudson Taylor was once asked, “You must often be conscious of the wonderful way God has prospered you in the China Inland Mission. I doubt if any man living has had a greater honour.”

Taylor replied: “I do not look on it that way. I sometimes think that God must have been looking for someone small enough and weak enough for Him to use, so that all the glory might be His, and that He found me.”

That, of course, is the heart of a servant. We work for God not for our glory, but for His.

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the acclaim of the crowd was not for the donkey, but for Jesus. We are always to remember we are the carriers of the message and that Jesus is that message.

Dear Father God, thank You for the opportunity to serve You. May I be a faithful and true servant for Your kingdom. Use me today in some way to bring glory to Your name.