“When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’” - Luke 11:24

I was amazed while praying for a young 16-year-old girl in Zimbabwe on one occasion, when suddenly her voice changed and she spoke with a deep gruff voice and said, “I am not coming out, this is my house”.

 Once I had recovered from my surprise, I rebuked and commanded the evil spirit to leave the young girl and she was set free.

 Some people are afraid of evil spirits and prefer not to talk about them. Others mock and scoff saying that they do not exist, which is exactly what the devil wants them to believe.

 The devil has been very successful in the area of deceiving people that he is just a figment of some religious invention. People make jokes about the devil and his horns and forked tail. People may laugh, but the devil and his hoard of demons are very real.

 These evil spirits are ruthless and determined to cause havoc and destruction wherever possible. They will take any opportunity to take possession of a human body, tormenting them and driving them to perform terrible and awful deeds.

 Just think of some of the dreadful mass murderers and the evil perpetrated in places like Rwanda and the past evils of the Idi Amin, Hitler and Stalin regimes. These actions are not just the deeds of evil men, but the actions of demons who influence and push people to commit inhuman acts of cruelty and abuse.

 Take a firm stand against the powers of darkness, for we wrestle against spiritual wickedness in high places and not against flesh and blood but against rulers of darkness and against principalities of evil.

 Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for the weapons You have given me to stand against everything that the devil may bring against me. Today I am secure, strong and safe in You.