Divided You Fall

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls.” - Luke 11:17

 The Soviet Union was once a mighty nation of various ethnic and religious groups held together by the strong-arm tactics and ruthless rule of Communism. To the outside world it seemed to be a unified country.

 But when Communism was overthrown it suddenly became clear that the so-called unity was a farce. Ethnic groups and nations that we thought had been lost to history suddenly re-emerged. These nations now are united in their own genuine sovereignty.

 Northern Ireland has struggled to exist as a united country because of the deep divides caused by religious differences between Roman Catholics and Protestants.

 Jesus makes it very clear that where there is division destruction will follow. In unity there is tremendous strength.

 When a house is divided, husband and wife are divided in attitudes and decisions and at disagreements with each other, that house will fall. When children are not in unity with their parents and parents, likewise, with their children, that home is headed for disaster.

 Unity in love and purpose will always result in blessing and the favour of the Lord. Any enterprise, whether a nation, a business, a household or a church will fail where there is no unity of vision and purpose.  Unity must be guarded with all our hearts.

 Watch your words, your attitude and your actions. Unity is an endeavour that we are to continually work at.  It is something that Jesus prayed, “… that they may be one in Us that the world may believe…”

 Dear heavenly Father, You have created everything to flow in perfect unity and harmony in this world. Help me today in my submission to You to maintain a spirit of unity, in Jesus’ name.