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Jesus 2016 - Let It Rain Conference


As a young man, Apostle Edgar Holder moved from Surinam to the Netherlands in the early seventies and with determination he began to study medicine at the University of Leiden.

After about one and a half years, a fellow student invited him for a Pentecostal church meeting. And although Apostle Edgar Holder had a religious background and had been a youth leader in Surinam for years, he discovered that he too, needed a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The choice he made that day not only brought a change in his life, it also turned his life in a total new direction after a while.

The years following showed that the hand of God was unmistakeably on his life. It became more and more evident that Apostle Edgar Holder WAS GIFTED TO PREACH THE Gospel powerfully and clearly.

Apostle Edgar Holder together with his wife, Pastor Irma Holder with whom he has five beautiful daughters, serve as pastors of Living Stone Ministries in Spijkenisse.


Haruna Gorah holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria in Northern Nigeria.

He was a college lecturer until his call into full time ministry. He has undergone several advanced Trainings in Leadership, Church Planting, Success in Life and Ministry. He is the President of Greater Love Ministries and Senior Pastor of Jesus Centre Family Church with branches in Namibia, Angola and other nations of the world.

Gorch is an Apostle whom God has called to the Nations of the world with a special anointing for healings and miracles. He has a unique grace of ministering in hard territories and breaking hard grounds. Haruna travels around the world ministering in Miracle and Healing Crusades, Leadership Seminars, Revival services and Teaching Seminars. The central theme of his message is that of helping believers discover their abilities, hidden potential and rights in Christ. Gorah is a man who, Believes that all things are possible to those who would dire to believe what God says in His word. His whole life, family and ministry have been a journey of faith. He does not only preach faith but lives it out daily.


Ordained in May of 2001, the Reverend Donnie McClurkin has taken a long road toward establishing his own ministry not far from the Long Island town where he grew up. The victim of childhood sexual abuse that left long-term scars, McClurkin turned to local church groups for support and became active in gospel choirs from the age of nine. Eventually, he formed his own gospel group as a teenager with family members and friends. As an adult, McClurkin served as an associate minister to the Reverend Marvin L. Winans, head of a famous gospel singing family, and continued to use his music to express his relationship with God.

McClurkin also invoked his faith to overcome a string of serious illnesses that threatened not only to take away his singing abilities, but his life as well. After his solo recording debut in 1996, McClurkin balanced the demands of a successful recording and performing career with his need to continue his spiritual explorations; five years later, as an ordained minister, he founded a Perfecting Faith Church in Long Island. As McClurkin told Marjorie Ford of Dallas-Fort Worth radio station WFAA, “This is my job. The only reason He’s given me this platform is so that I can use it to evangelize the world, and let them know about Jesus. And then, step in the background, fade in the shadows, and let all the glory go to God.”


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