Heavenly Father, thank You for 2017,
For all that You did, 
And for bringing us thus far, 
By Your might and power.

We are a faith people, who have a faith covenant, with a faith God, 
And our walk with You is and always has been: 
FROM faith TO faith BY faith.

In 2018, we will, by the spirit of God, 
Recognize and apprehend, 
Every God-given opportunity that comes our way. 
We will be ready and purposed,
To REAP every bountiful harvest in God.

2018 will be the year, 
Where we will pioneer and charter new frontiers and territories in God,
So as to advance Your Kingdom  on this earth.
Souls will be won, discipled and added to Your church
As we together lift up the Name of Jesus,
Over our city and nation.

We fully recognize that without You, 
We can do nothing,
And that with You and each other, 
We are able to move forward,
And to keep moving forward.

We declare that the supernatural life of God will flow, 
Into every area of our lives, 
Thereby releasing God’s supernatural miracle working power.
We thank You, that where there is Your vision, 
There will also be Your Provision, 
For all of our needs.

We will be resilient, tenacious and bold as lions, 
Knowing that while the Kingdom suffers violence, 
The violent take it by force.
We will NOT give up, give in, go back, sit down, or back up. 
Instead as the army of the Lord, 
And chosen for such a time as this, 
We will arise and move forward, 
Into the bigger, better and greater that you have for us.
In Jesus Name,